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7 Creative Ways to Add Colour in the Kitchen
We spend so much time in our kitchens and with that, sometimes we can get bored of their appearance, but sprucing them up can make a huge difference. Whether you do a total revamp of the space or are just looking for quick fixes, adding colour to the kitchen can liven up the room and eliminate your boredom. (more…)
- January 13, 2017

Top 5 Home Improvement New Years Resolutions
Every January 1st, everyone makes a pledge to better himself or herself in the New Year. As much as we think we’ll stick to these resolutions, in most cases within a month or so they have been forgotten. Put a spin on classic New Years resolutions and this year make a pledge that will stick. (more…)
- January 5, 2017

How to Prioritize Home Renovations
When you decide to undergo a home renovation, most people want to renovate almost everything. Before you go home renovation crazy establish which projects need to be done first. Your first thought may be that everything needs to be done at the same time but back track and really consider what will be your primary project.  (more…)
- December 31, 2016

Last Minute New Years Eve Party Ideas
The holidays are a great reason to throw an epic party and it’s never too late to plan a last minute New Years Eve bash. Use these easy tips and tricks to throw a spontaneous shindig without the stress. Your party is sure to be a major holiday hit. (more…)
- December 22, 2016

Create a Stress Free Renovation
A home renovation is a massive undertaking and can take a lot out of us. Though it can be a substantial project, the end result is our creative vision is brought to life. Avoid the stress with these five tips. (more…)
- December 19, 2016

How to choose the right size bed for your bedroom
A question a lot of people have when they are redesigning their bedroom or wanting to purchase a new bed is, “How do I find the right size bed to fit my bedroom?” Finding a bed that looks too small or too big in a room makes the room look awkward. Avoid the awkwardness and learn how to find the right size for your space. (more…)
- December 16, 2016

Beware of winter window condensation
As the days become colder, do you find your windows are sweating more that normal? Do you have to actively wipe your windows down because they are excessively wet? If so, then you have a condensation problem and you should continue reading. (more…)
- December 13, 2016

6 Creative Uses for Bar Carts
Bar carts have been enjoying a renaissance in fashion-forward homes all across the country. Not only are they a gorgeous statement home decor piece on their own, but bar carts are the perfect  showcase for your beautiful decanters, eclectic glassware and fancy trinkets. Of course their usefulness doesn't begin and end with happy hour. (more…)
- December 8, 2016