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Articles By This Author

Design/Build Expert: Permit Process Primer
Navigating twists & turns along the permit path Whether creating, moving or otherwise altering a structural wall; relocating or running a new drain; installing a new furnace or amending the location or size of a heat run—a permit is required. (more…)
- February 15, 2018

6 Decor Features Every Chic Condo Needs
A lack of space, an awkward floor plan and not enough windows can certainly make condos quite hard to decorate. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up and live in a space that looks just okay. Instead, take a look at these chic décor features that will boost your condo’s style and functionality. (more…)
- February 6, 2018

Using Propane in Your BBQ During the Winter
The experts at Napoleon Grills share some tips on using a propane grill during the winter.
With brisk winter months on the horizon, Canadians are constantly looking for creative ways to reinvent classic dishes.  Traditional stews and casseroles bring warmth to the coldest of days, however sticking strictly to standard winter recipes can feel repetitive. (more…)
- February 1, 2018

Caesarstone presents: Altered States by Snarkitecture
Previewing at Interior Design Show Toronto, January 18th – 21st 2018 Altered States, Image by Snarkitecture Leading quartz manufacturer Caesarstone unveils Altered States, the first instalment of its 2018 collaboration with New York based collaborative practice, Snarkitecture, at Interior Design Show Toronto, January 18th -21st . Since 2013, (more…)
- January 18, 2018

Kid-friendly flooring options
Designer Christine Da Costa visits Allan Rug to share tips for homeowners looking for kid-friendly flooring options! If you’re a parent, you’ll probably understand the never-ending struggle of keeping your flooring clean and free of spills. Whether your child’s weapon of choice is paint, juice, Play-Doh, or chocolate syrup, (more…)
- January 5, 2018

All You Need to Know About Permeable Paving
The term, “paving,” refers to the process of covering or leveling a surface with concrete, stones, tiles, or bricks. One of the renowned methods of paving is referred to as, “permeable paving,” which allows penetration of fluids and is used for paving the pathways from where pedestrians and vehicles cross. (more…)
- January 4, 2018

Modernize Your Home: Small Changes for a Big Impact
Your home may start to look and feel outdated in a matter of years. However, not everyone can afford a complete remodel every couple of years to stay in touch with recent trends in interior design. Luckily, there’s no need for a remodel when you can achieve a big impact with some relatively small changes. (more…)
- January 2, 2018